Cause of Hair Loss

Hair loss is not looked upon as a lack of luck, even in the typical sense. Most people with age loses some hair. But in some people, factors such as age, the change of hormones in the body and cause losses most remarkable legacy. The result can be partial or total baldness, to which men are more likely. But as this process begins? The typical life cycle of the hair strands is two to three years, and during this endless cycle the hair grows at a rate of about one centimeter per month. About ninety percent of the hair placed at the crown grows continuously, while 10 percent remained seems to be asleep. After a period of three to four weeks, the hair at rest have changed with new ones that grow in their place. Given the sheer time, it is normal to lose a few strands every day. However, many people lose more than usual. What can cause abnormal hair loss?

There are several factors that can induce temporary hair loss including:

Stress – Stress is actually a powerful feeling that can cause damage to the habits, your skin tone, nerves within the body and, perhaps, to the hair. The biggest problems of health or major surgery cause hair loss. Fortunately, the problems caused by stress are usually short-lived.

The chemical imbalance of the body – manifested through hair loss is often associated with an overactive or underactive gland hypothyroid or instability of androgen or estrogen. Often, use a change in the hormonal treatment may resolve the issue.

Various diseases or microbial infections – hair thinning can occur on the bottom of diseases such as lupus or diabetes or can occur as a result of certain bacterial infections like candica on the crown of hair. The baldness associated with diseases or infections usually resolve as soon as the disease or infection is treated.

Drugs – anticoagulants or drugs used for symptoms of gout, to control blood pressure, depression or heart problems may cause hair loss.

Hairstyles – all types of hair pulling curly hair (African braids, tight ponytails or braids in curlers) can cause a kind of reduction called alopecia. If the drive is stopped before heal the part superior hair, braids grow back normally.

If you do not verify any of the factors mentioned above, then there is certainly a good chance that you are suffering from ‘baldness’. The ‘common baldness’ is a problem generally observed in men, characterized by hair loss of the upper part of the scalp.

You can find many treatments for thinning hair, shampoos and lotions to laser immediate solutions. It is very important to make the best choice, so you must seek expert advice when deciding on treatment, because it will be especially created to adapt to his way of life and its habits. It is best to choose a brand of confidence, with good results, and is specialized in the regular replacement of the braids. If you have already experienced a greater loss of hair, it would have recommended surgery to transplant hair. Do not worry, surgical treatment for thinning hair is improved and the procedure is much more widespread at present, offering holistic growth of hair.